Day 73- 

Did 12 before 12 even though I took a long break ing the morning 

Long downhill
7 mile uphill
Met death wish again (met in the sierras after Donahue)
Cowboy camping on top of lookout rock
My feet hurt a lot. 


Day 72-

Ate left over dinner from night before almost gagged after a couple bites 

Had service for a little
Slept really poorly last night so it will be a long day
Last day of snow for a while supposedly
Ate dinner near a gross looking pond with FP and group and then kept hiking a little bit. 

Day 71- 

Hiked 12 miles before 11 including the miles into sierra city

Hung out charged phone at lunch and read
Met FP
Walked back to trail
Still really hot
Met a section hiker who through hiked In 14
Got to top ate a bit kept going
Met someone who started the 12th as well camped with her she has a kitten on trail

Day 70- 

Sleeping close to tons of people is extremely loud.

Started at 6 after being woken up at 4 by others alarm clock
Begining of hike started off slow due to snow and needing to route find
Snow on and off all day
Met a nice human

Sleeping in bivy is proving to be difficult
Mosquito are more annoying than snoring humans

Day 69- 

Super long day of flying back to the trail
Wait for box
Uber to rest stop
Hike 3.6 miles.
Dead tired
Sleep in hut with a bunch of other hikers
I hiked 3.6 miles alone and it was actually kind of emotionally hard.
Got lost a few times but followed some decent footprints to the hut

Commercial Break 

Today I started and finished a long journey from Yosemite to San Francisco. It took a bus, a train, a couple subways and a shuttle to get me to my final destination but I made it. This is the beginning of a two week break from the PCT that I am taking in order to attend a wedding and hike the enchantments back in Washington. But first I will take a shower and attempt to get the first layer of dirt off my body before my dad arrives.